Wednesday, 26 October 2011

birthday girl

met up with my lady friend and on the eve of her birthday ad an exciting evening,
we kissed and cuddled until we were nearly naked after stripping each other of!
i took her knickers off and gave her my boxers to wear as i wore her silky panties xx
then i asked her to kneel on the bed as i stroked her arse, rubbed her pussy and leaned over to kiss her!
i picked up her grannies cane, quite a solid piece of wood, and rubbed it up and down her buttocks,
she was moaning by now! as the first stroke met her arse cheeks,
no shout was heard as i had already pulled off her knickers and stuffed them in her mouth!
4 wacks were given over half an hour or more, causing welts on her buttocks, i did try and kiss them better, also the cane being rubbed between her buttocks made up for some of the pain!
at 12.01 (1 min past midnight) i said it's your birthday,you can cum now!!
she sat on my chest and frigged herself till she cum into my mouth and over my face
i felt such a good master for not letting her cum till then and a good sissy allowing her to cum over me!
a good night enjoyed by us both

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