Tuesday, 26 July 2011


well its been a few months since my last post, quite a bit has happened since then!!

been meeting up once a month, ended up in Durham early July, very exciting weekend, looking back a hellava lot


i told her about my sissy sub side to me and how my old master fucked me for the first time, how i enjoyed having a thick hard cock in my mouth!! Oh and how i enjoyed cum xxxx

Then my dominant side came out as she put on her holdups and high heels, placed her hands against the dressing table and looked into the mirror as i gently tapped her pussy with the plastic spatula bought for the occasion!!

I couldn't help myself being a sissy and all!!! so i had to kiss her arse there and then and again after i gave her a damn good spanking!! I'd say we both enjoyed our company that weekend!

we drank a bottle of gin between us, well at one point i had to help her drink from her glass, she was tied up then, with the belt removed from her jeans she was wearing earlier around her naked waist, her arms behind her back tied to the belt with white nylon cord, then the cord wrapped around her stockinged covered ankles as she lay on the bed face down then pulled gently till her hands and feet were quite close together (hog tied!)
her bottom was very red by the end of the night but that's another story

All i can say is i woke up in the morning wearing her knickers and hold ups mmmmmmmmmmmmm xxx