Thursday, 29 November 2012

happy birthday dominic!!!!!

Well a fantastic time had by Dominic and Ruby, a beautiful hotel and beautiful company, great food xx alll made for a wonderful few days break.
A train journey to start of the trip, sitting next to my lover, the engine pulling the train was called the Bobby Robson, our first meeting was in Newcastle!! so another connection made! Our journey up north was soon over, reaching another city, of the train and in the hotel within minutes, with our luggage safely in the room, a nice room with a view of the city, we wandered around the nearby shops, had a coffee, and later had a meal.

Then of to bed

Monday, 27 August 2012

anal hook

Here is something new to try, got back from camping holiday with sex slave and found parcel had arrived, so that night we had a bit of fun, cold metallic, stainless steel hook, cold to the touch but so smooth!!!!!!!
Could not help myself and wanted to see how well it fitted slaves pussy before it was duly fitted where it ultimately belongs!! I looked at it fully inside with the flat part against the outside of her pussy, i gently tugged it, till the excitement became to much, i had to fuck her she wanted me to fuck her!! with the hook buried deep inside her, while pushing her knees against her breasts i fucked her till she came!! then removing the hook i kissed and licked it!!!!!  

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

birthday girl

met up with my lady friend and on the eve of her birthday ad an exciting evening,
we kissed and cuddled until we were nearly naked after stripping each other of!
i took her knickers off and gave her my boxers to wear as i wore her silky panties xx
then i asked her to kneel on the bed as i stroked her arse, rubbed her pussy and leaned over to kiss her!
i picked up her grannies cane, quite a solid piece of wood, and rubbed it up and down her buttocks,
she was moaning by now! as the first stroke met her arse cheeks,
no shout was heard as i had already pulled off her knickers and stuffed them in her mouth!
4 wacks were given over half an hour or more, causing welts on her buttocks, i did try and kiss them better, also the cane being rubbed between her buttocks made up for some of the pain!
at 12.01 (1 min past midnight) i said it's your birthday,you can cum now!!
she sat on my chest and frigged herself till she cum into my mouth and over my face
i felt such a good master for not letting her cum till then and a good sissy allowing her to cum over me!
a good night enjoyed by us both

Tuesday, 26 July 2011


well its been a few months since my last post, quite a bit has happened since then!!

been meeting up once a month, ended up in Durham early July, very exciting weekend, looking back a hellava lot


i told her about my sissy sub side to me and how my old master fucked me for the first time, how i enjoyed having a thick hard cock in my mouth!! Oh and how i enjoyed cum xxxx

Then my dominant side came out as she put on her holdups and high heels, placed her hands against the dressing table and looked into the mirror as i gently tapped her pussy with the plastic spatula bought for the occasion!!

I couldn't help myself being a sissy and all!!! so i had to kiss her arse there and then and again after i gave her a damn good spanking!! I'd say we both enjoyed our company that weekend!

we drank a bottle of gin between us, well at one point i had to help her drink from her glass, she was tied up then, with the belt removed from her jeans she was wearing earlier around her naked waist, her arms behind her back tied to the belt with white nylon cord, then the cord wrapped around her stockinged covered ankles as she lay on the bed face down then pulled gently till her hands and feet were quite close together (hog tied!)
her bottom was very red by the end of the night but that's another story

All i can say is i woke up in the morning wearing her knickers and hold ups mmmmmmmmmmmmm xxx

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

2011 a journey of submission

As the title suggests I've been kissing ass all my adult life, now a new chapter has began as i have met another true submissive who wants to be with me.

We have known each other for most of our adult life's, although we lost contact a long time ago, just recently we met through facebook, chatted and realised we still had feelings for each other, nearly six months later we arranged to meet up and had a wonderful time together.

this blog will allow me to write a few short stories about my submissive and dominant sides of my personality, bottling up inside is doing me no good whatsoever!